Are you accepting new clients?

Yes, Please contact us for an appointment.

What to expect at the first appointment?

At the first appointment you will go over your paperwork with your therapist. Have the opportunity to share what has brought you into counseling, any goals you have for your time together and share about your background and personal history. This first meeting is about getting to know a little bit about one another to start the foundation of your therapeutic relationship.

What forms of payment are accepted?

Cash, Check, Debit/Credit card and HSA accounts. Payment is due at your appointment.

Do you accept insurance?


Please contact the counselor you will be working with on their insurance acceptance and policies.

How long are counseling sessions?


Sessions are typically 50 minutes.

Is what we talk about confidential?


Almost always. All client-therapist conversations are private and cofidential. There are some exceptions (harm of self or others, abuse of elderly and children) that are required by law to breach confidentiality.

How often will we meet?


Regular weekly meetings are encouraged at the beginning of counseling to help create a strong foundation and to see consistent progress. When you meet less than weekly in the beginning the appointments become more about “checking-in” and updating rather than working towards your goals and unravelling outdated coping skills and styles of relating.